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History of St John’s

The first Anglican services were held in Croydon in the year 1878 in a small weatherboard building at the corner of Croydon and Whitehorse Roads. The first recorded meeting of parishioners was on 5 August 1896 when “there were only five persons present due to the inclemency of the weather”. The parish at that time was a part of the Ringwood Parochial District.

The population of the area increased steadily, and the railway line was extended to Croydon in 1900. A new church was built in Croydon Road opposite Surrey Road, and dedicated on 29 August 1906 by the Archbishop of Melbourne, Henry Lowther Clarke.

In 1920 the Parochial District of Croydon was established. It was soon realized that a larger and more centrally located church was necessary, and the present site was bought in 1922. The Croydon Road church building was moved to the new site in October 1922.

After protracted fund-raising activities, a start was made on the building of the present church. (Described in newspaper article Turning the Sod ) The church was dedicated by Archbishop Frank Woods on 21 December 1957.

List of Vicars of St John the Divine Croydon

1920 – 1929    Athenry John Whyte

1929 – 1931    Charles Hudson

1931 – 1933    George Alfred Morphett Cerutty

1933 – 1946    Harvey Langford Ebbs

1946 – 1947    Thomas Russell Hope Clarke

1947 – 1958    Christopher Nutter Thomas

1958 – 1961    E R Walkerdon

1961 – 1965    Arthur de Quetteville Robin

1965 – 1977    Peter Ralph Monie (Archdeacon)

1977 – 1985    Alan John Baxter

1986 – 1994    David Graeme Wood

1994 – 2002    Stephen Reginald Williams

2003 – 2007    William ‘Bill’ James Ray

2007 – 2012    Timothy Maxwell Gibson

2013 – 2016    Jahnese ‘Jan’ Kay St James

2018 – 2023    John Kelsey Webster

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