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Baptisms can take place in church throughout the year. Children are brought for Baptism (Christening) as infants; some come much later in life. There is no age limit to baptism.

As the person to be baptised is entering the family of the Church, most baptisms normally take place in a main Sunday service. This is so that the local family of the Church is present to welcome its new member.

Who can be baptised at St John’s?

Enquiries for Baptism are welcome, whether you live within the parish or not, or whether you are Anglican or not. Please contact the Vicar in the first instance.

  • Anyone can be baptised – there is no specific age.
  • It is not necessary for parents of children to have been baptised, although ideally one should be.

Are there preparation classes?

Currently there are no preparation classes. Usually families of candidates are visited in their homes for discussion and preparation of the service, etc.

Baptism as part of the Sunday service

It is the usual practice for baptisms to take place in the normal main service on Sunday; however, other arrangements can be made in particular circumstances.


There are no limits on the number of godparents. However, a minimum of one should be considered. Ideally, a godparent has been baptised, as specific promises are made by parents/godparents on behalf of the child. In the event of an inability to choose godparents, the parents can make these promises.

Guests at the baptism

There is no limit to how many ‘guests’, including children, are invited to the baptism service – the more the better! You and your guests are very welcome to join the parish family in the Fellowship Room after the service for morning tea.

What should my child wear for baptism?

There is no specific requirement on what the baptism candidate must wear; the important thing is that the child is comfortable.


There is usually no fee for baptism, but the family may like to consider a donation to the church to help in its local mission.

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